What are the best hair straighteners?

When it comes to all the different brands of hair straightening irons out there, the question I get asked the most is undoubtedly “what are the best hair straighteners”? This isn’t exactly something to which I can give a straightforward answer to because, in terms of the best straighteners, there is so much choice on the market that it’s impossible to choose from. Every manufacturer offers something and they can all prove to be a great purchase. However, there is no denying that there are certain products that clearly are of a more superior quality to others so I will take a look at my experience and name the best products from all the different hair straightener brands in order to list the best.

GHD Hair Straighteners

GHD are undoubtedly a great manufacturer of hair straighteners and all of their products come with an assurance of quality. Above all, I’ve found their Gold series to be amongst their best, especially the Arctic Gold V Styler, the V Gold Classic Styler and the V Gold Max Styler. These have all proved their worth in helping to style hair to its best and are stylers that I would certainly recommend to anyone. Also of note from GHD are the Platinum White straighteners, the Opal Styler and the V Lagoon Professional Styler, which are all beautiful colours and superb products in terms of the job they do with your hair. If you stick to GHD, you can’t go wrong.

BaByliss Hair Straighteners

Now, BaByliss isn’t a brand I’ve used a lot in terms of hair straighteners, but I have tried them enough to know which ones I would classify as the best straighteners. The top three would definitely be the Titanium Expression Ultimate, the Quality Boutique Control and the Elegance Hair Straightener. If this is the brand you use and wish to stick to, then I would urge you to choose one of these types because they are probably the best for getting your hair and straight as possible and providing quality. BaByliss may not be my go-to for hair straighteners but there’s no denying that they can sometimes provide some of the best straighteners out there.


Remington Hair Straighteners

Remington is another great manufacturer of hair straighteners and I had a hard time narrowing down the best. In the end, I would say the honour goes to the two Therapy products, which are the Keratin and Recubierto Hair Straighteners. There are also many others that I would recommend from them, including the Sapphire Advanced Ultimate Straightener and the Advanced Quality Ultimate Straightener. They all offer a great choice when it comes to straightening hair and should leave you satisfied with how your hair looks for the whole day.


Cloud Nine Hair Straighteners

Cloud Nine is another brand that I rarely use, but I do have some experience with in order for me to choose what are the best hair straighteners from them. The Original Iron, the White Touch, the Plate Black Straightener are what I would choose and should be a great choice if you’re hoping to keep your hair as straight as possible throughout the day.

Corioliss Hair Straighteners

Another brand with a lot of quality products, Corioliss boasts a wide range of choice when it comes to choosing the best straighteners. The best would definitely be Carbon Fiber as this offers the perfect quality when you need to get your hair perfect on a morning. The great aspect of Corioliss is that they provide their best products in a range of dazzling colours for you to pick, including Camouflage, Rose Gold, Purple Ombre, Gold Paisley, Mosaic, Gold Leopard and, of course, the Classic Black. With such variety, Corioliss can proudly brag that they issue some of the best hair straighteners.

My final word

So, what are the best hair straighteners? Well, as you can see, I simply can’t choose when it comes to narrowing just one best straightener. Each manufacturer offers something great in terms of their product and there’s too many to simply select which ones are the absolute best straighteners. However, hopefully this list has helped you to narrow down the choices and that my top picks from each brand has proved sufficient in answering which ones are some of the best hair straighteners around.

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    Maria October 5, 2016 at 10:26 pm

    Best I have ever used is the hair straighteners by Karmin 😉

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    Barbara November 23, 2016 at 2:35 pm

    In my opinion the best are the karmin straighteners 😀

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