Brand Overview: Hair Straighteners by Corioliss

Brand Overview: Hair Straighteners by CoriolissA brand that was founded in 2002, Corioliss boasts an award winning hair straightener range. They are highly popular amongst both salons and the public, proving themselves to be a worthy buy and a brand that is sure to stand the test of time. It’s no wonder they’ve become a favourite for a lot of people and has become a staple throughout the world, not just the United Kingdom. I can testify that they offer some great work when it comes to getting your hair as straight as you could possibly want it.


The range of products from them

Corioliss has a wide range of products, such as its professional treatment irons, which includes an infrared straightener. They have an extensive list of straighteners on offer that are sure to satisfy everyone. There are a host of colours to choose from and the majority of them are at very reasonable prices that people will be able to afford. This is a definite plus for the majority of folks hoping to buy a straightener so this brand may prove popular in this regard. People are always looking for a good bargain.

After over a decade worth of experience in the industry, Corioliss is constantly making sure that its products evolve. Their temperature settings are high for really stubborn hair and can reach its maximum within a matter of seconds for when you’re in a rush. As mentioned prior, they can use infrared so it is less damaging to your hair. This is a great attribute for the brand to be able to boast as so many people are worried about what constant straightening will do to their hair in the long run.


My overall view of the Corioliss brand

In all, Corioliss has truly shown itself to be a brand that can hold itself up amongst the competition. It’s not difficult to see why, considering their fantastic range of eclectic straighteners with notable qualities, along with the great prices to go alongside them. If you are wanting something that you can be sure will work wonders on your hair, but you also want to cut back on spending, then the Corioliss is something that could work. The benefits are noteworthy, particularly the fact that there are straighteners in stock that are designed so as to cause less damage to hair and they can heat up pretty fast for those on the go.

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