Brand Overview: Hair Straighteners by GHD

Best GHD Hair Straighteners

Founded in 2001, GHD (abbreviated from Good Hair Day) provides very high-quality hair straightening irons that have gathered quite a dedicated following over the years. They are known for their guarantee in terms of the longevity of their products and thus have managed to sustain a stream of customers since they first began. This isn’t an easy task and thus shows just a how well-regarded their products truly are. I myself am quite the fan of GHD because I find their straighteners to be great at doing their job and so highly recommend them to anyone who asks my advice.


How their straighteners stand out from the rest

Without a doubt, GHD hair straighteners are some of the best on the market. There’s barely a fault to be noted in either their design or performance. What really makes them notable is how reliable they are and that they don’t break easily. Given that hair straighteners are more than likely to be used daily, this is a reassurance that we need when deciding what item to purchase and so the GHD brand is definitely one with a seal of approval from me. They continue to launch new straighteners so their stock is constantly improving as the years go by and their amount of clientele grows.

As well as the quality of their shelf life, GHD are constantly altering their products in a way that will benefit the buyer. They make sure that their products don’t go above 185°C in order to avoid damage, which is admirable because it shows that they don’t just think about money and instead do actually care about their fan base. Also, all their products come with a safety feature that means it will turn off after thirty minutes of inactivity. If you can be forgetful or just worry about accidentally leaving your straighteners switched on when you’re in a rush, then fear not because GHD has got you covered.


My overall view of the GHD brand

In all, I couldn’t recommend GHD products highly enough. The amount of features that their straighteners come from, not to mention their beautiful designs, make them worth every penny. Not only do they come with such desirable aspects, but they also work really well at getting hair as straight as you could hope for. If you are wanting to tame your hair, but are unsure as to whether there’s a brand out there that can provide a product capable of doing so then rest assured that GHD is perfectly suited to handling any need.

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