Can eBay be trusted for GHD products?

EBay_logoWhen people are looking to purchase something these days, the first thing they often do is go online to see if they can order there and save themselves the hassle of having to go out. One of the leading websites for this is eBay, which offers a great range of different items for its customers to bid on. This has led to it becoming of the most popular sites out there and one in which millions of people use to try and sell their products. However, as with most things, people have come to exploit others and a roaring trade of fake goods has made its way onto the site.

For products such as hair straighteners, which can be quite expensive, this means that many people look for bargains and so understandably get quite elated when they see such a reduced price on eBay from what they would pay on other sites. Yet what they don’t realise most of the time is that these straighteners are most likely not genuine and this can cause a lot of problems in the long run. Sure, it may look good getting a pair of GHD straighteners for less money, but they can often cause more harm than good and avoiding this is strongly recommended.


What’s so bad?

Now, I can see a lot of people questioning my stance on avoiding the purchase of straighteners via eBay. Sure, there’s probably some honest people out there who are selling genuine GHD products over it, but there can never be a guarantee of this until you’ve already paid and, by then, it’s too late to do anything about it. If you want the best quality experience for your hair, then sometimes you need to pay that little bit extra in order to be sure that you get it.

The main problem with counterfeit GHD products is that they can be extremely dangerous. They aren’t made with the same care as the real thing and thus they are prone to getting too overheated and even causing fires. This is a scary thought when all you wanted was a product that would help style your hair, but you could end up burning down your house instead. The problem with these fakes is that they are flimsy, made with the intention of getting the most profit possible, and so corners will be cut and there’ll be no concern for your safety at all.


Avoiding the fakes

In an effort to try and combat these problems, eBay has gone on to offer advice to their users on how to avoid fake GHD products. They suggest looking at the retail box, the registration booklet, the guarantee booklet, the power cable hologram and the date code sticker, as well as using your phone to both scan the item and to download their app which they say can help. Whilst it’s great to hear that they are taking a stance on counteracting the fakes, there is no denying that people can easily get over these hurdles and can cheaply create counterfeit goods that will fool even the most vigilant buyer who will still fall victim to purchasing GHD hair straighteners that aren’t the real deal.

It should also be noted that you can avoid the problem of fakes by using other sites. Make sure to do a check through Google on which ones are known to be fakes (there are lists out there that can help you in this regard) and then purchase from the reputable ones. As long as you make sure that the site you are buying from is legit, then there shouldn’t be a problem. The main issue with eBay is that it is filled with independent sellers who can easily be counterfeiters looking to make some easy money.


My advice

There can be no denying that getting GHD straighteners for as cheap as possible is an enticing offer. People are always looking for bargains and I can understand that it’s easy to become drawn in when they see a product on offer for half the price that they would usually pay. However, I also know that people won’t want to put themselves at risk, either, which is a very real possibility if you happen to accidentally purchase GHD hair straighteners that aren’t genuine. You could permanently damage your hair and, even worse, threaten your own safety and those around you by the risk of house fire.

In all, it’s best to avoid eBay when it comes to buying GHD products. You can never safely guarantee that what you are buying is a real product and so you can never be sure as to the outcome. In my view, you should never buy any electrical item from the site for safety reasons. It is never worth putting your life at risk for the sake of a bit less money.

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