Corioliss hair straighteners: Are they better than GHDs?

When it comes to finding the best hair straighteners, the chances are that GHD is among your most commonly considered choices. However, as more high-quality manufacturers come into the market to offer unique hair straightening tools, GHDs are not the only option for hair lovers. Earlier this year I checked out Corioliss hair straighteners, and today I want to talk in more detail about the Corioliss brand as a whole.

The history of Corioliss

Founded in 2002, Corioliss is certainly not new to the market, but their award-winning straighteners only entered the mainstream when Michelle Obama confessed her love for the brand. Used in salons across the globe, the brand is now a favourite for celebrities and individuals alike – and with quality construction and high performance, it’s clear to see why.

They look the part

On first glance, you’d be forgiven for mistaking Corioliss hair straighteners models as limited edition GHD straighteners – they not only look the part, but they also come with beautiful skins that allow you to stand out. Perhaps you’re looking for a floral-designed hair tool that you can use with your children, or maybe you’re more attracted to the marble-effect of the new C3. Unlike GHD, Babyliss and Remington, Corioliss hair straighteners were designed to be quirky and colourful – and isn’t that what beauty and styling are all about?!

It’s more than just a hair straightener

Indeed, you can opt to purchase the basic hair straightening model from Corioliss and be done with it, but the company offers a far greater selection of products and accessories designed to complement one another. With matching hair brushes, hair dryers, and styling tools all available to work with your hair straightener, Corioliss really is a lifestyle brand.

They’re there for us during those awkward moments

There’s truly nothing more frustrating than straightening your hair and getting prepared for the day ahead, only to see your luscious locks frizzle in the wind and rain. Corioliss has it all covered with their GOGO Silver travel stylers, designed for use within your car. With the same high-quality titanium plates, these travel irons are ideal for straightening both curls and flicks, and you can charge them on the go for ease of use.

They’re more affordable

Let’s face it – hair straighteners are expensive. If you want a high-quality tool that you can depend on for years to come, you need to set aside a reasonable budget. While standard GHD models come in at over £100, Corioliss offers the same great quality at a lower price – often up to £50 cheaper when features are compared side by side. Corioliss’ entry models, like their £39.99 travel straighteners – are ideal for those who are on a tight budget but want to rely on a high-quality hair tool.

There you have it – just some of the reasons why Corioliss is a great alternative to GHD. If you’re still weighing up your options, read my GHD Platinum Collection review and my  Corioliss C3 Collection review for a detailed look at both brand’s premium stylers. What are your thoughts? Do you prefer GHD or Corioliss?

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