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Dyson reveals “quieter” £299 Dyson Hairdryer that is “less damaging to hair”

The Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryerThe world tends to most associate Dyson with vacuum cleaners, but the company has applied its previously-used airflow principles to its recently-unveiled first personal care product: a Dyson Hairdryer that the company claims is both quieter and less damaging to hair than more standard machines.

There’s quite an impressive amount of engineering under the hood: according to the BBC, this hairdryer is the first that draws its power from a miniaturised air pump in its handle. The technology here builds upon the airflow principles already common in Dyson’s desk fan products.

One potential sticking point for much of the new product’s target market, however, is the price. Dyson says that it has invested £50m in developing this device, which perhaps explains why it has given it a rather hefty £299 price tag. That makes it at least double the price of other salon-grade dryers.

The Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer

According to the company’s founder Sir James Dyson, making a hairdryer was an “obvious” move. Speaking to the BBC, he pointed out the “huge field in airflow” and explained that, as “we make very high-speed motors… it’s rather obvious that we would carry on and use that in everything involved in airflow.”

Dyson said that the most serious limitation of conventional hairdryers is that, due to styling attachments and the close proximity between the dryer and hair, airflow is slowed and so hair becomes overheated. As a result, “you get water bubbles in the cortex exploding and blasting holes in the fibres, which gives you a dull look and damaged hair”.

A large proportion of women in particular seem eager to lower hair damage they could incur from heat appliances. Personal care analyst Roshida Khanom of Mintel told the BBC of her research firm’s discovery that many women “are limiting their use of heat appliances and 20% had bought appliances that claim to be less damaging, so there’s definitely a market for products that don’t damage hair”.

Therefore, this new hairdryer certainly provides a way of improving the quality of your hair. However, you shouldn’t overlook many other ways in which you can make your hair look great.


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