Essential hair straightening tips and tricks from Hair Companion

I love hair styling (hair straightening, in particular) as much as the next person. I’m full of hair straightening tips, and would happily spend half an hour on my hair if it meant creating a stunning look that lasted me all day and beyond.

But sometimes life gets in the way.

It could be time that gets you- we’ve all resorted to plonking a beanie hat on our greasy heads whilst running out of the house to catch the bus. Or, it could be spending ages styling your hair, only to find that you’ve lost or ran out of an essential product. Or it could be a combo of the two.

Either way, Hair Companion is here to save the day with my essential hair straightening tips and tricks – you’ll be lost without them from now on!


Dry shampoo drought?

Baby powder for dry shampooDry shampoo is an absolute saviour for greasy, flat, or lifeless hair. It absorbs oil, gives texture, and makes styling seem like a breeze.

Until you run out of it, that is.

If you’ve ever reached for your trusty can of Batiste, only to be left without, here are a few alternatives that work just as well, if not better!

  • Baby powder– sprinkle a small amount of it into your roots or other oily areas, and work through with your fingers until all of the excess powder has been absorbed. Brush or comb through, and you’re good to go!
  • Bronzer or translucent face powder– they both work in exactly the same way, and are a great alternative for those of you with darker hair as you won’t have to worry about pesky white marks.
  • Blotting papers-you use these to absorb oil on your face, so why not use them on your hair the exact same way?
  • Cornstarch/ cocoa powder– if you have these in your kitchen, they’ll do the trick. If you have darker hair, feel free to use a mix of the two, or just the cocoa powder by itself.

You’ll never have a greasy hair day again!


Roots, roots everywhere

Dying your hair can cause extensive damage – we all know it. Professionals recommend leaving 5-7 weeks between each dying session to inflict as little damage as possible to your locks.

Unfortunately, this can leave you with roots that have a mind of their own when it comes to hair colour.

Your roots won’t look half as bad as you think they do, but it’s always nice to have an option available if you feel especially self-conscious.

  • Mascara– mascara is your new best friend for those of you with black, brown, or dark hair; simply wiggle some of the product through your roots, and you’re good to go. Please use an old mascara for this – using mascara on your hair and then on your eyes could possibly lead to infection. You wouldn’t go spraying hairspray or other products into your eyes, after all.
  • Dry shampoo-our good old friend dry shampoo is a godsend. Some dry shampoos are made especially to cover up different hair colours, whilst blondes and platinums will get away with any old dry shampoo – the white powder will help to hide any pesky regrowth.
  • Root concealers– these nifty sprays do just what they say on the tin; a quick spray will cover up your roots, and will see you right through until your next wash. They’re often water-resistant, and won’t transfer onto your clothes or bedding.

With these tricks in mind, waiting until your next hair appointment or home dyeing session will seem like a breeze.


Want thicker-looking hair in a flash?

If ever you have a day where your hair feels a bit ‘blah’, flat, or lifeless, here are a few quick fixes;

  • Eyeshadow your roots– hear me out here. It’s a similar trick to the aforementioned root concealer, but you’re instead applying the product to your scalp in particular instead of the roots of your hair. Take an eyeshadow (I can’t stress this enough, but make sure it’s matte, unless you’re going for the glittery/shimmery roots look) that matches your hair colour, and apply it to your parting, making sure to blend. It may seem like a strange thing to do, but it’s super effective at making your hair look thicker.
  • Change your parting– if you’re used to parting your hair in a certain way every day, your hair will become used to laying in a certain way. If you part your hair to the left, try doing it to the right or try a centre parting. Experiment and see what feels right for you – you’ll be surprised at how much it can change up your look, all whilst adding some volume to your hair.
  • Dry shampoo– is there anything that dry shampoo can’t do?! Thanks to its powder-y texture, dry shampoo can help add a little bit extra volume to your hair by eliminating any excess oils. You don’t even have to wait until your hair feels greasy – if you find that your hair is a bit soft and unmanageable after washing, a quick spritz of dry shampoo will assist in any further styling that you wish to do.

As well as these tips, aim to use hair products that offer ‘volume’, ‘texture’, or ‘thickness’. Avoid anything with ‘smooth’, ‘soft’, ‘straight’, or ‘silky’ in the title – you’ll only be adding excess oil to the hair which will weigh it down further.

Get to grips with hair grips

Essential hair tips and tricks from Hair CompanionHave you ever created the perfect updo only to have it all fall to bits as soon as you step out of the door?

There’s a fat chance that this failed styling session involved hair grips or bobby pins as a key component. Whatever you prefer to call them, you’d be surprised at the sheer amount of people that are using them incorrectly.

First of all, you should be using them with the wavy side against your head. This is how they were designed to be used, believe it or not! The waves make for a much better grip against your scalp, as opposed to the straight, smooth edge, which can slip easily.

For even more staying power, spray your bobby pins with hairspray, dry shampoo, or a texturising spray before you use them. Whatever product you choose to use, make sure to do it as close to actually placing the pins into your hair as possible – if the product dries fully, you won’t feel the full benefit.

And that’s it! From greasy locks to runaway bobby pins, I hope I’ve tackled some of the more common hair crisis’s that can drive you crazy.


If you need any more advice concerning the crazy world of hair styling (especially straightening), please don’t hesitate to contact Hair Companion.

Happy styling!

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