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Most of the time, we never have to get in touch with the manufacturer about the products we have brought. At least, that’s what we hope for when we purchase them because, more than likely, having to talk to company means that there is a problem with the product and that’s not what we want when we buy something. However, these unfortunate incidents do happen and so we find ourselves with an item in need of fixing, but we aren’t quite sure how exactly to go about repairing the damage.

When we have to get assistance from people who are supposed to know what they are talking about so we don’t have to do some wild guesswork, we encounter customer service. A lot of people may recoil in horror at the mere mention of customer service and I can certainly sympathise with those who do. I’m sure we all have had bad encounters with people over the years, but not every company is the same. There are certain products that you can discuss and, if broken, get sorted without any hassle by getting in touch with their team and receiving positive customer service from them.


When you have questions regarding your GHD hair straighteners

It’s no secret that straighteners get used excessively. If you are determined to make your hair as straight as it possibly can be, but it proves to be a difficult task, then you can testify how much strain this product can potentially go through on a daily basis. That’s why they can sometimes get a bit worse for wear and you need help getting them back in working order. And sometimes, there might not be anything wrong with your straighteners per say, but you are still confused by something to do with them and wish to speak to someone about your enquiry.


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In terms of their customer service, GHD (which is one of the leading providers of hair straighteners) is known for being helpful and competent when it comes to this department. You can phone up the GHD customer service team, both from this country and internationally, depending on your location. This is a way for you to talk about any issues you may have with your product to an actual person who will be trained to help you out. This is an advantage against the more modern approach of automated customer service, which involves seeking help via the internet without any human interaction at all and can be a bit of a pain if you really need to discuss things.

Alternatively, you can contact the GHD team online by sending an email with your query. This will require you to explain your dilemma through text and filling out a few personal details. Once this is done, you will be added to the GHD mailing list and contacted by the GHD team shortly afterwards, at which time you will experience the full benefits of their customer service. No matter which means you decide to take in terms of contacting the company, I’m sure you will receive the warm and friendly customer service that many people have gotten from them over the years.

For their benefit, make sure that the straighteners you have are genuine GHD products. According to their official website, you can register your styler online to verify authenticity using their hologram verification tool. They also warn that counterfeit products are extremely difficult to notice, so you need to be careful when purchasing a product to avoid being fooled. Once you have determined that your item is indeed the real deal, then the GHD customer service will be able to properly dedicate themselves to helping you with the knowledge that you have an official product.


So how would I rate the GHD customer service?

Something that has come up many times before when it comes to GHD straighteners is how my experience has been in terms of their customer service. This is an area that is the topic of much debate amongst people when it comes to other companies. There are so many horror stories about bad customer service that it’s almost the norm to expect it from everyone. However, GHD has had a lot of positive feedback over the years about their customer service. They are such a big provider of hair products that they of course have a large amount of people to please. It’s therefore no surprise to me that the GHD customer service reports match up with their popularity.

Therefore, despite the accusation that the level of customer service has somewhat decreased over the years, it is certainly not the case when it comes to GHD. They provide good quality hair straighteners and if you should have any issue with the product you buy, or just have a query in general relating to them, then you should feel confident in approaching the team because the GHD customer service is not as you might expect based on stories from other companies.

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