How important are the GHD Temperature settings?

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The main aspect of hair straightening irons is of course the heat. This means that the exact temperature is often debated amongst people. A lot of high street straighteners go up quite high in regards to the heat, though this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re better. The fact that brand names offer a bit of a lower cutoff point for their temperature can actually mean that they are more beneficial to their customers.

I’m sure that there are a lot of people out there who think that the hotter, the better. This is a perfectly understandable view to have if you are non-the-wiser to the dangers. After all, the heat from the product is what turns the matted, curled, frizzy look our hair might have and turns it straight. This means that the hotter the item is, then the better chance you have of getting your hair as straight as possible, right? Well, this isn’t strictly the case as you will soon see.


Specifics about GHD temperature

GHD straighteners heat up to around 185 degrees Celsius and reach this within 6 seconds. According to the official website, this is because scientific research has shown that this is the optimum temperature. They actually used to go higher, but GHD lowered the temperature because it was found that going too high didn’t make the hair any straighter, but instead just ended up damaging it beyond repair. This is certainly not what anybody wants when it comes to their hair care.

The GHD temperature dedication is admirable. Since their products both conduct heat quickly and retain it effectively, it means that you get a long-lasting burst of heat that will greatly benefit you when styling your hair the way you want it. This is one of the reasons that they are so well regarded when it comes to straighteners because they are shown to truly to their research in order to give people the best possible service from their products.


What’s the damage?

When using your GHDs, the temperature might not be something you necessarily factor in. After all, straighteners are meant to be hot, right? Well, of course they are, but not as hot as people have come to think of them as being. Everybody who relies on straighteners really need to do their research when it comes to the temperature because there can be horrific side effects. At worst, hair can actually become too brittle and this will cause it to break off, meaning you’ll start seeing your hair fall out. This is the worst case scenario, though if you are becoming too reliant on them, this can actually cause your hair to turn drier and frizzier.

Even heat protection can only go so far, so don’t think you are immune from the damage just because you apply safety products before using your straighteners. GHD lowered their temperature settings for a reason, but you still need to step down with things yourself. If you have very fine hair, then this is the most common for getting spoiled due to its fair nature. Similarly, hair that is coloured or bleached often is also at risk. Thick hair can be tamed by straighteners at a high temperature occasionally, but you shouldn’t go too high if used on a regular basis.

All of this shows us how damaging it can be to use straighteners when they are too hot. As with most things, it’s all about being sensible and using them in moderation. If you rely on straighteners every single day then it is crucial that you keep them as low as possible, whilst also enjoying all the benefits of straight hair. Thicker hair can get away with a higher temperature, but please bear in mind that this again should only be the case every once in a while. You don’t want to be one of the unlucky people whose hair falls out or turns into impossible-to-straighten frizz due to overuse.


Be stylish, but safe

Temperature control for straighteners is a lot more important than you might think. I know that people have it stuck in their heads that it will be better if the products are hotter, but that is proven to simply not be the case. It’s also worth noting all the terrible side effects that come from using irons that are too hot, which is disastrous when all you want to do is have the hairstyle you desire. When looking at GHD temperature settings and how they deliberately made them lower, you can see that this is something of great importance, so much so that manufacturers are willing to change their products which are already insanely popular.

In all, just try to be wise and stay safe whilst using your straighteners. I might initially have annoyed you when GHD came with a lower temperature, but rest assured that this is all for the benefit of you and your hair. We all want the best possible style we can and don’t want any adverse side effects so let’s just stay clear of that and keep the temperature to a sensible level.


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