Is there a guarantee with GHD?


When you purchase a pair of straighteners, you want a certain level of guarantee. You want a quality product that will hopefully last you a very long time. It’s not a lot to ask, is it? After all, if we have to spend our hard-earned money on something, we don’t want it to be faulty and to break after we haven’t even had it too long. In regards to straighteners, they are something that we certainly want a guarantee for because we can end up using them nearly every day. I know I do, as do many other people. If your hair is naturally frizzy then you will depend upon your straighteners.

So, knowing all of this, is a guarantee something we can expect? Well, it’s certainly the case for a lot of manufacturers, in particular GHD, and it can come with a host of positives.


What exactly the GHD guarantee is

Best GHD Hair StraightenersBeing one of the leading manufacturers of hair straightening irons, GHD (or, Good Hair Day) offers some great deals when it comes to their guarantees. It’s not surprising, of course, given how popular their brand as become over the last few years. You don’t garner a huge fan base without offering your customers something in return for their dedication. And we, without doubt, show them our loyalty by the fact that we use their products on a daily basis and can even risk damage by using them so much. If that’s not dedication, then I don’t know what is.

The GHD guarantee is something that is really worth noting. When first purchasing a set of their straighteners, I wanted to know exactly what they were going to offer in regards to this, so did a bit of research through their official website. On there, I found some information that was of great benefit. The company offers any repair or replacement of your product for as long as 12 months (for 3 and 3.1b stylers) and 24 months (GHD IV stylers and GHD V Gold Series stylers) which is a really good deal. You can claim this guarantee through your original proof of purchase.

You should bear in mind that the GHD guarantee has certain exclusions. It doesn’t work if the straighteners are broke because you used them incorrectly as this is something that is out of their control and what you should have read up on before purchasing. As well as this, GHD can’t follow through on the guarantee if the straighteners are damaged via an accident because, again, this isn’t something that the company is responsible for. Also, if your product is damaged and you attempt the repair through a third party, then be warned that this will also void the guarantee.


Why a GHD guarantee is worth it

If you are reading this, then you might be wondering whether all of this is really necessary. Perhaps you have had your GHD straighteners for a few years without any hassle. If that’s the case, then great, we’re sure the company would be proud to hear that and it doesn’t surprise me really given how good the GHD products generally are. However, it can’t be denied that having a regularly-used product that doesn’t suffer any wear and tear after a while is quite unheard of and that the majority of people will benefit from having a guarantee with their purchase.

There have been times when I’ve suffered the setback of damaged straighteners. Trust me, it’s not fun for this to occur mid-straightening on the morning before a very important appointment. Yet these things happen and the only consolation is knowing that the straighteners can be either replaced or repaired under the guarantee of the company. Having this knowledge on your side, you could save yourself a lot of money and stress and get back to your perfectly straight hair in no time.

You deserve the peace of mind

When you look at how often you are likely to use your GHD straighteners, their guarantee really is something that is very beneficial. After 12 to 24 months, there’s a lot that could potentially go wrong in regards to the product and so you want the reassurance of knowing that the manufacturer is on-hand to help if you are to encounter any problems. This is something that you’d want from any purchase you make, but is especially the case in terms of straighteners when they are going to be used on a regular basis and thus be at more risk of damage.

So if you are the proud owner of a GHD product, then make sure you remember about their guarantee. If your item becomes damaged at any point, do your research and see if you can claim this guarantee from them so that you can both save yourself the money and the time by not having to get a new pair of straighteners.


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