How to maintain your straight hair throughout the day

How to maintain your straight hair throughout the day

People seem to love having straight hair these days and you can clearly see this if you take a look around any crowd, where it becomes obvious that straight hair is the way to go. The only negative that people have about this is how to maintain it. As with any hairstyle, it may look perfect when first done on a morning, but a busy day can eventually lead to it returning to its natural frizz.

There’s no need to despair, though. Even if it seems like the world is against you and determined to bring your natural curls to the surface, there are ways in which you can prevent this from happening. By both using methods before and after straightening, you can do your best at making sure that your hair stays the way you want it, no matter what the circumstances.


Tips to keep your hair at the straightness you desire

The first thing you need to do should be done before you even get your hands on a hair straightener. Remember that achieving the hair of your dreams is a process and, as such, you need to be fully prepared in all areas. Therefore, make sure that when you use shampoo and conditioner, they are those which are specifically made to create straight hair. Following this, make sure to comb thoroughly and then apply any straightening products such as mousse, gel or cream to help.

Once you have made sure to do this, you can then go ahead and straighten your hair using the straightening irons. This should hopefully provide you with the look you were hoping for and you will be ready to face the world. However, there are of course instances out of your control that can cause your curls to fight back. Luckily, you’ve gotten a head-start by using the correct products. Another trick is to apply a bit of hair spray to your locks before heading out so they have more of an incentive to stay in place, no matter what the conditions are like outside.

Remember to always carry an umbrella with you in your bag no matter what the weather is like when you first head out. There’s always a chance that you will get caught in a freak storm and your straight hair will be doomed. You should also try using a hooded coat if possible in case of winds. Other items you could carry in your bag to help you out include a comb, some more spray and perhaps even a portable mini hair straightener, just in case.


Try to plan ahead and you should be fine

You can’t control the weather, so there’s no need to beat yourself up about the rain or humidity. Just try to bear in mind that you need to be prepared for any eventuality and so you should take the necessary steps to keep your hair the way you want it. This includes treating it well both before and after straightening it and making sure you have the right products on hand at all times. It is always worthwhile to read up on products beforehand, so make sure you check out the benefits of researching hair straighteners for reasons why.

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