Mistakes that everybody makes when straightening hair

Mistakes that everybody makes when straightening hair

In terms of style, nothing is more in vogue right now than straight hair. That’s right, having your locks looking sleek and shiny is the way to go and more people than ever are turning to hair straighteners in order to make this look a reality. Since becoming a household item, hair straighteners have rocketed in popularity and even more so now that straight hair is becoming such a desire amongst people.

However, whilst the process itself might be on the up, this doesn’t mean that everybody is going about straightening their hair in the right way. That’s right, there are a lot of mistakes that people make when it comes to hair straightening. The worst part is that most will complain that hair straightening isn’t working for them, yet this is because they are going about it in the wrong way.


The mistakes and how to avoid them

One of the main things that people don’t realise, and which is crucial to the process as a whole, is that it all starts before you even use the straighteners themselves. It might sound like a strange thing to hear, but it’s true. You can’t just sit down one morning and hope that the straighteners will somehow help craft a masterpiece. You need to make sure you are washing your hair properly and using the right shampoo and conditioner. This sets the stage for the entire process.

There’s also the fact that you need to go about the actual straightening in the right way. First of all, brush your hair and then section it, then make sure that the setting isn’t too low or too high. These are all common things that a lot of people fail to do, but which are very important in getting hair as straight as it can be. You need to be very attentive during this or else you will ultimately fail.

Another piece of advice that has to be stressed is that you should never straighten wet hair. It needs to be essentially bone dry before you even think about putting the irons on it. All too often, people put the straighteners to damp or soaked hair and ignore the steam and sizzling. Yet this is a sure-fire way of damaging your hair beyond repair. You should also be using heat protection, which a lot of people neglect to apply, but which will prevent any harm coming to your hair.


Take note and don’t make the same errors

Hopefully, you will take all of this on board and, if you are guilty of the same things yourself, then you will immediately set about changing it. Straightening your hair isn’t something you should do on an impulse and instead should be something you think long and hard about because it involves a lot of planning in order to get it right. If you make these mistakes when straightening your hair, then you could be causing damage which might prove irreversible. This is why they have to be addressed.

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