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Ready for Halloween 2016? Five Halloween hairstyles to complete your outfit

With Halloween just around the corner, the chances are that you’ve stocked up on candy and you’re putting the finishing touches to your outfit – but have you gave a thought to your hairstyle? Try out one of these Halloween hairstyles today.

The Ice Cream Queen


Who said Halloween had to be scary? More of us than ever are switching the traditional witches outfit and kittens whiskers for something a little more contemporary, and going to your fancy dress party as an Ice Cream Queen makes sense. Use some GHD Platinum Collection straighteners to give your hair a natural straightened look, and add an ice cream cone on the top of your head for added appeal.


Credit: thejoyoffashionblog

Credit: thejoyoffashionblog

If you’ve been invited to a last minute party and have a white dress lying around, then dressing as Medusa is a great choice. Add several braids to your head and then use bobby pins and rubber snakes to your head for an authentic look that doesn’t have to break the bank.

A Silly Spider


Sometimes, a polyester costume just isn’t practical for a day in the office – but adding a spider to your hair certainly can be! Gather together some black pipe cleaners, hairpins and goggly eyes with some black pompoms and some black felt, and glue them together to make a stunning hair bun spider. It’s quick, simple and adds a modern twist to Halloween hairstyles.

Rag Doll Style

Start by styling your hair with your Corioliss C2 Collection hair straighteners, and then part your straightened hair from ear to ear with a ponytail close to your forehead. Separate your tail into locks and put them in a hairnet to create your bow. Finish off with some hair lacquer and spook your friends!


If you really want to stand out from the crowd, then try a unicorn hair style. Adding a cone of card to your hair and carefully plaiting and teasing your hair around it offers a unique effect – just please don’t poke anybody’s eyes out!

What do you think? Share your Halloween styles with me on Twitter, and I’ll put the best ones together in my next blog!

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