What should you do with your broken GHDs?

If you’ve just found out that your GHDs have broken, the chances are you’ll be pretty annoyed. Whether you know the problem or your straighteners packed up without reason fear not – I’ve rounded up some of the options you can consider with your broken GHDs.

Send them back for a repair

The first thing to do with your straighteners is to check whether they are still under GHD warranty. You can find out whether or not they are by submitting your holographic code (which you can find on the cord of your device) to the official GHD website. If they are, you can send them back to the manufacturer for a free repair, but you will also need your date of purchase and date code, which can be found on the arm of your straighteners, to process a warranty return.

Mk3 GHD models are usually covered by a one year warranty, while Mk4 and Mk5 GHD models offer a two-year warranty. The Mk6 Eclipse and Platinum GHDs both come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, and you could also be covered by product insurance or retailers warranties in certain circumstances. It’s always best to contact your retailer to ask whether or not they can help.

Repair them yourself

If you’re feeling confident, it’s possible to repair your GHD straighteners on your own by following a repair guide. Remember to exercise caution and never attempt to use a device that hasn’t passed a safety check. I definitely wouldn’t recommend doing a repair on your own – your best bet is to leave it to a friend or family member who has experience in electrical.

Treat yourself to a new pair

While you may not want to splash out on a new pair of straighteners when your existing pair did the job just fine, breaking your straighteners is a great excuse to upgrade. I’ve rounded up the ten best hair straighteners for you to look at – and you may be surprised to see that GHDs are not my favourite when it comes to heat and styling options!

Watching your hair straighteners give up before an important meeting or a first date sucks – but it’s easy to get them repaired or replaced by following my advice. Do you have any GHD stories that you’d like to share? Let me know on Twitter!

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