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When it comes to buying any product that you plan on having for a long time, but which you know has a chance of breaking, then it is always best to get a warranty with it. I know it might seem obvious, but we first need to ask ourselves what exactly is a warranty? Well, it’s essentially a written guarantee, promising to repair or replace the item if necessary. This has to be done within the amount of time that is specified upon purchase, otherwise it is no longer valid.

With a GHD warranty, you can rest assured that if something goes wrong with what you have bought, then the manufacturer will be able to help. There are a lot of rules and regulations that go into the specification, of course, but it’s essentially the case that there’s an agreement between the company and the client to fix anything that might go wrong. It may appear that I’m stating the obvious, but it’s always best to get the exact technicalities out of the way first before proceeding onwards.


GHD Warranty – In terms of straighteners

GHD WarrantyWhen it comes to hair straightening irons, Good Hair Day (which is almost always abbreviated to simply GHD) is one of the leading companies on the market. Some of the products might be a little on the more expensive side, but you pay for the best and that’s essentially what you get with GHD hair straighteners. It’s no surprise that people often flock to get the best sales from them and, since their products are often cited as amongst the most efficient of their kind, they have a large fan base. For this reason, GHD get a lot of customers and so it makes sense that they receive a warranty upon purchase.

Now, as mentioned earlier, warranties apply mostly to products of everyday use that you hope to keep for a long time. In this case, straighteners are more than likely going to be used every day, so it’s no surprise when things eventually begin to go wrong with them. Ask yourself how many times you actually straighten your hair in a day. Think about it, most of us will do it on a morning before we go out, of course, but there are a lot who will constantly go back to it throughout the day in order to even it out a bit. It’s understandable, but then so is the effect this has on the straighteners themselves.

However, even with the amount of use that we put on the straighteners, products such as GHD come with a quality to which you can expect the product to last a reasonably long time. Any eventual damage should only happen after a lot of time has passed, so if your straighteners begin to act up after only a short while, then this is when your GHD warranty comes into play. If you have experienced this yourself, then you will no doubt sympathise with how annoying it can be, but also agree that you were immensely thankful to have a warranty that you could use to your advantage.


The official word

In terms of their policy, the company GHD offers a 12-month warranty on the 3 and 3.1b stylers and 24-month warranty on the GHD IV and GHD V Gold Series styler, so the warranty that you have will all depend on which of their products you have. Now, within this period, GHD will either repair or replace the product for you, owing to what exactly is wrong with your straighteners. All of this should be fairly straightforward for you to follow as long as you do your research and thoroughly look into the process, so don’t worry too much about the prospect of sorting everything out.

However, if your straighteners are no longer working because of incorrect usage, then GHD can still help with the repairs but you will be charged. The fault must be proven to be a manufacturing fault which was present when the item was purchased. For this reason, a lot of people might not find that they can use their GHD warranty the way they want, but this is something that should be stressed – any damage you cause to the straighteners yourself is not applicable. GHD will say that your misuse of the product (which comes with a clear set of instructions) has made the warranty null and void.


What to take away from all of this

When it comes down to it, all warranties serve their purpose and those for GHD straighteners are no exception. I know that it may seem like an unusual topic, but given that damage is something that most people with hair straighteners will experience, I think it deserves a more thorough examination. All you have to remember is that your GHD warranty is in place for anything that might go wrong and which is the fault of the manufacturer themselves. Therefore, try not to use your straighteners incorrectly because this will hurt your chances of getting the problem fixed. Just think about how great it would be for your straighteners to last a lot of years and do your research into treating them right.


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