Why knowing about heat settings is vitally important to straightener use

The main aspect of hair straighteners is, of course, the heat. Without this, there’s no way to go from curly to straight and so it stands to reason that a lot of people desire their product to go as hot as it can in the hopes of getting their hair as straight as possible. There are major downsides to this way of thinking, though, because it can lead to problems in the long run. This is why knowledge about heat settings is crucial when using straighteners.


Is hotter really better?

When it comes to heat settings, the overwhelming majority of people have it in their heads that the hotter their straighteners are, the better the overall result will be in terms of getting their hair straight. Are they actually right to think this? Well, sort of.

Nobody can deny that it’s the heat that makes all the difference in straightening your hair. However, the reason that more brands are starting to put limitations on how hot their products go and even introducing features where the right temperature is recommended, all comes down to the fact that straighteners just don’t need to be that hot.

If your hair straighteners are put to an extreme level of heat and you apply them to your hair on a daily basis, then you are guaranteed to damage the hair eventually. This is inevitable because your hair just isn’t designed to put up with such circumstances and so will become brittle. Therefore, the hotter the straightener, the greater the chance of damage.


What to bear in mind

You need to remember that safety is the most important part of anything and this is no different when it comes to hair straighteners. You deserve to have the best hair you possibly can and to be able to style it any way that you want. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to put the future state of your hair in peril in order to accomplish this.

Use your common sense when it comes to your straighteners. If your product comes with a limitation or recommendation on temperature, then try to adhere to this. Test out your item on the lowest setting and then work your way up if necessary until you find a heat that lets you get your hair the way you want it. You might be surprised at just how low it can be and still make a noticeable impact.


What to take away

Knowing about heat settings is crucial if you are going to be regularly using hair straighteners. Since becoming such a significant part of people’s morning routine, the risk factor involved with the hotness of straighteners has gradually risen. There’s no need for you to stop completely, just make sure that you are careful and don’t get too overconfident in putting the heat settings as high as possible. Rest assured that you can achieve the results you desire on a lower temperature and this will benefit you more in the long run.

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