Corioliss C1 Collection Review

Corioliss C1 Collection Review


  • Corioliss C1 Collection review

Corioliss are famed for their innovative hair styling tools and quirky, loveable designs (their microphone hairbrush is just adorable!). Their hair straighteners are probably the most famed out of all of their products, and the C1 collection is where it all started.

Every straightener in the C1 collection is the exact same – there’s just a wide array of colours and patterns for you to choose from!

So, what does the Corioliss C1 bring to the table?

Product Features

  • Titanium plates – titanium is a much smoother material than ceramic, which makes for plates that are less likely to snag on your hair as you style.
  • A wide temperature range – style with ease between 120C and 235C.
  • 360⁰ swivel cord – style as you please without the cord becoming tangled or damaged.

The plain black straighteners, the ones I tested, are available here on Amazon, where the price will get you:

  • The Corioliss C1 straightener
  • A heat resistant mat
  • The user manual
  • Free delivery in the UK

The other funky patterns and designs can also be found on Amazon without much trouble.

Corioliss C1 Black Professional Titanium Styling Iron

titanium floating plates; professional 360 swival cord; pro veriable temperture control; ideal for straighting curls or flicks; perfect for all hair type

Made by: Corioliss,

Featuring 1” wide Titanium floating plates which are suitable for all hair types and particularly effective on thick/coarse hair the C1 Professional Iron uses Titanium Technology which allows the plates to glide effortlessly over the hair to give smooth results in one sleek move.

to Sleep Mode – If the iron has been left on and unattended for over 30mins a microprocessor intelligently cuts the power supply conserving energy and increasing safety

210°C is the optimum styling temperature for all but the thickest and curliest hair types,all Corioliss styling tools reach this temperature whether automatically or by adjustibility

The 360° Swivel Cord has been designed to allow for all the advanced techniques the modern stylist employs without allowing the cord to become tangled or damaged, extending the working life of the iron

Titanium Plates that are microscopically smoother than ceramic plates and therefore result in far less damage to the cuticle. Excellent conductive properties mean they distribute heat evenly over the entire length of the plates with no hot spots. This results in effortless styling with great looking results that last longer

Pro-variable control from 120°c – 235°c allows you to control the heat to create a variety of looks and also tailor the irons to suit your hair. The C1 also features dual voltage circuitry making it ideal for travel and comes with its own heat resistant storage pouch.


Ratings and reviews

Quality - 10
100 %
Performance - 10
100 %
Features - 9
90 %


The Corioliss C1 may very well be one of the best straighteners I’ve ever used.

The straighteners don’t take long to heat up at all, 30 seconds at the most. The temperature control is simple to use – I found the range of temperatures rather impressive as it caters to both fine and damaged hair, and coarse and thick hair – most straighteners tend to cater to one or the other.

I don’t think the plates snagged even once as I was styling my hair. The titanium plates felt as though they glided through my hair much easier than regular ceramic plates did – I felt no dragging whatsoever.

The end result was perfectly straight hair that lasted all day.

I decided to try using the C1s to wave and curl my hair the day after that, and they performed just as well.  The lack of snagging or dragging made for curls and waves that were effortless to create, and I found that my new hairstyle lasted for the entire day.

The advantages of the C1 were many, and I’m still finding it difficult to think of any disadvantages. One (very figurative) one is that the maximum temperature that the C1s operate at (235⁰C) is much higher than the optimal temperature for styling your hair with, which means the heat-happy of you may end up seriously damaging your hair.


Comparing the Corioliss C1 Straightener to the GHD IV Styler

The GHD IV Styler may very well be the most popular hair straightener on the planet.

The C1 definitely performs just as well as the GHDs, just for a fraction of the price!

I think that the C1 would be a much better option for those of you with damaged, dry, or thin hair – it can reach a much lower temperature than the IV Styler, after all.

Seeing as the plates are made of solid titanium, you’re much less likely to come across any snagging whilst styling your hair with the C1. Seeing as the plates of the GHD styler are coated with ceramic, it offers a major risk for snagging and dragging if the coating happens to chip away at all.

The C1 is also a much more versatile option than the IV Styler. You have a say on the temperature the straightener performs at, instead of having to work with one constant temperature somewhere between 175⁰C and 185⁰C. This would benefit you if several different people with different hair types planned to share the straighteners, or if you have sections of hair that are slightly more damaged than others.


Styler Temperature (⁰C) Temperature Control Plate Material Choice of colour/design?
Corioliss C1 120°C -235°C Yes Titanium Yes
GHD IV Styler 175ºc – 185ºc No Ceramic-coated aluminium No


9.5 Total Score
Great value for money

The Corioliss C1 Collection is certainly one that comes highly recommended. They are a wonderful pair of straighteners that I found to be very easy to use and had the desired effect that I was looking for. In all, there's very little that someone could say against them and so everyone should be taking them into consideration.

User Rating: 4.85 (1 votes)


Pricing & Availability

Corioliss C1 Black Professional Titanium Styling Iron

titanium floating plates; professional 360 swival cord; pro veriable temperture control; ideal for straighting curls or flicks; perfect for all hair type

Made by: Corioliss,

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