Corioliss C2 Collection Review

Corioliss C2 Collection Review


Corioliss are well known in the world of hair heat styling for their innovative hair straighteners and quirky product design.

Their C2 collection was launched to rave reviews – I had the Corioliss C2 Straightener recommended to me by several friends, but never got around to trying it for myself – until now, that is!

The Corioliss C2 is a very unique straightener – it comes with an external digital remote control, amongst other innovative features including:

  • Titanium plates – titanium is a lot smoother than ceramic/ceramic-coated plates, so is less likely to snag your hair.
  • Digital remote control – you’ll never accidentally change the temperature whilst styling your hair again!
  • Negative ion energy – given off by the plates, this technology eliminates static for a smooth, sleek style that’ll last you all day.

You can find the C2 here on Amazon, where the bargain of a price will get you:

  • The Corioliss C2 straightener
  • A heat resistant mat
  • Free UK delivery

The C2 is also available in a funky platinum zebra pattern here. It’s exactly the same as the black version, bar the design!

Corioliss C2 Black Soft Touch Black Hair Straightening Iron

Advanced and extended titanium plates for accelerated ion generation, maximum protection and superior results; Digital remote control to adjust temperature between 60 °C and 210 °C for all hair ...

Made by: Corioliss,

Ratings and reviews

Quality - 9
90 %
Performance - 10
100 %
Features - 10
100 %


It may sound like an exaggeration, but the Corioliss C2 may be one of my favourite straighteners ever!

The straighteners took a very small amount of time to heat up to their maximum temperature – 20 seconds at the most! I found (and the majority of you will probably also find) that the maximum temperature was a tad too much for my hair – good job that it’s simple to turn the temperature down with the remote control.

Once I got styling, the titanium plates glided effortlessly through my hair – I didn’t feel them drag or snag once, despite the fact that my hair is in far-from-perfect condition. My whole head of hair took under 10 minutes to straighten, and once I had finished, I was left with smooth, shiny, and sleek hair.

We’ve all been there – spending ages straightening or curling your hair, only for it to drop or frizz as soon as you leave the house – not with the Corioliss C2! My hair stayed perfectly straight for the good majority of the day, and I even woke up the next day with everything still fairly under control.

I decided to test the C2’s waving and curling potential, and I was not disappointed. Again, there was no snagging or dragging, and my hair still appeared quite shiny afterwards – no signs of frazzling my hair here!

I had an overall pleasant experience with the C2’s. I’m still particularly impressed by the digital remote control – I can’t believe that nobody had thought of that idea before!

I reckon that the Corioliss C2’s are an ideal purchase for someone who wants the same high performance as high-end hair straighteners, but doesn’t want to fork out an extortionate amount. The C2’s are also a much better option for anyone concerned over safety – thanks to the digital remote control.

Seeing as it’s located further down the cable, away from the plates altogether, it massively reduces the risk of anyone burning themselves whilst trying to change the temperature – you’d be surprised at how many straightening irons have their power buttons and temperature control right next to the hot plates.

Besides safety, the remote also increases the practicality of the straighteners. Many straightener manufacturers opt to place the temperature control buttons right where you have your hands placed whilst using the straightener. This leads to people turning the temperature down when they really don’t need to, or doing the opposite and accidentally giving their hair a good frazzling.

I find it hard to find any faults at all with the C2’s. One thing that may be a minor inconvenience is that the plates may not open wide enough for those of you who wish to tackle bigger sections of hair in one go. If you’re in a rush, this may be a bit of a hindrance.

Apart from that, I would recommend the Corioliss C2’s to practically everyone.


Comparing the Corioliss C2 Straightener to the GHD IV Styler

The GHD IV Styler is probably the world’s most famous, most-used, and most-loved hair straightener. It may be controversial to some of you, but I’d probably rank the Corioliss C2 above it slightly.

It performs just as well; I just feel that the C2’s come with several deal-breakers for me.

You can’t control the temperature on the GHDs, which may be a problem for those of you with dry, damaged, or thin hair. The C2’s can run as low as 60°C, and you have the opportunity to control the temperature as you please.

The C2’s are also much, much safer than the GHDs. The digital remote control means that you don’t have to risk burning yourself whilst turning the straighteners off or changing the temperature.


Styler Temperature (⁰C) Temperature Control Plate Material
Corioliss C2 60°C -210°C Yes Titanium
GHD IV Styler 175ºc – 185ºc No Ceramic-coated aluminium

I’d happily say that the Corioliss C2’s are some of the best straighteners out there. They’re the perfect balance of performance, safety, and ease of use – and the zebra patterned ones are quite nice, I must say.

10 Total Score
Nothing short of excellence

I couldn't recommend these straighteners highly enough. The Corioliss C2 Collection has quickly worked itself into becoming one of the best straighteners I've ever had the pleasure of using. With a high performance and great results, there's nothing more I can say other than these would be perfect for you if you were looking for a pair of irons that are guaranteed to get the job done!

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Corioliss C2 Black Soft Touch Black Hair Straightening Iron

Advanced and extended titanium plates for accelerated ion generation, maximum protection and superior results; Digital remote control to adjust temperature between 60 °C and 210 °C for all hair ...

Made by: Corioliss,

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