Top 10 Hair Straighteners

Struggling to choose your next pair of straighteners? You’re not alone.

To make things a little bit easier for you, we’ve tried, tested and tamed our tresses with some of the greatest and most well-known hair straighteners out there.

During the testing process, we made notes on things such as safety, ease of use, cost, temperature options…. you get the drift. You can read our detailed reviews of every product in the list by clicking the ‘read review’ button.

You’ll recognise some familiar names in the list – GHD, BaByliss, Remington, and several others. If you have a favourite, please remember that all of the ratings and reviews are purely our own opinion, and based on our own experience/ needs. The only 100% accurate way of judging how well a pair of straighteners will perform for you is to buy them and try them for yourself!

Happy shopping!

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Corioliss C2 Collection Review

Corioliss C2 Collection Review

I couldn't recommend these straighteners highly enough. The Corioliss C2 Collection has quickly worked itself into becoming one of the best straighteners I've ever had the pleasure of using. With a high performance and great results, there's nothing more I can say other than these would be perfect for you if you were looking for a pair of irons that are guaranteed to get the job done!

2 GHD Air Hairdryer Review

GHD Air Hairdryer Review

I’ve always been happy to sing my praises for GHD and this hairdryer only cements the brand as my favourite in hair care. It’s a reliable, professional and lightweight hairdryer that I’ll continue to use, and can transform my hair from wet, wavy and lifeless to salon-finish in just a couple of minutes.

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3 GHD Platinum Collection Review

GHD Platinum Collection Review

I have always firmly stood by GHD and will continue to do so, with the Platinum collection adding to their fine list of quality straighteners! Although there are a few minor drawbacks that I had to mention, this doesn't take away from the fact that these straighteners are a fantastic product and deliver some truly remarkable results.

4 Babyliss 3Q Review

Babyliss 3Q Review

The Babyliss 3Q are exceptional straighteners that come with a variety of special features and various other functions which make them really stand out. I found them to be a delight to use and they resulted in hair that I am proud to show off to the world. If you want to have this confidence, then I very much recommend these straighteners.

5 Corioliss C1 Collection Review

Corioliss C1 Collection Review

The Corioliss C1 Collection is certainly one that comes highly recommended. They are a wonderful pair of straighteners that I found to be very easy to use and had the desired effect that I was looking for. In all, there's very little that someone could say against them and so everyone should be taking them into consideration.

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6 BaByliss Diamond Straightener and Boutique Salon Control straightener review

BaByliss Diamond Straightener and Boutique Salon Control straightener review

Getting sleek and shiny hair is no easy task, but the Babyliss Diamond Straightener managed to achieve just that. I can't think of anything bad to say against them because they did their job in making sure my hair was exactly to my liking. The Babyliss Boutique Salon Control is an admirable pair of straighteners which are great at getting your hair at its straightest and smoothest. Although very similar to the Boutique, I have given these a slight edge due to the added temperature control settings which are worthy of note!

7 Corioliss C3 Collection review

Corioliss C3 Collection review

I am very happy with the way the Corioliss C3 straighteners performed and they certainly proved themselves to be to be worthy of a purchase! With undeniably fabulous results, there's nothing more this product could have done to make me recommend them more!

8 Remington Pro Collection Review

Remington Pro Collection Review

When it comes to keeping your hair straight for the entire day, the Keratin Therapy Pro straighteners certainly achieve this and they are admirable for this reason. As for other features though, there's nothing particularly noteworthy to be said, so whilst I would certainly recommend them, just note that you shouldn't be expecting anything exceptional. Despite my initial reservations, I can honestly say that the Sapphire Pro Straighteners excel in the entire process of hair straightening. Not only do they look marvellous, but they also work wonders on your hair. I found them very fast and very efficient in the way they performed and would recommend that everyone give them a try.

9 Cloud Nine Original Iron Review

Cloud Nine Original Iron Review

When it comes to getting hair looking fine, the Cloud Nine Original Iron straighteners certainly manage to do just that! They ensured that my hair remained straight and perfect all day and I even found these results to still be in place once I woke up, showing just how much this product succeeds in making your hair look its best.

10 Cloud Nine Wide Iron Review

Cloud Nine Wide Iron Review

I highly recommend the Cloud Nine Wide Iron to anybody looking for a pair of straighteners, especially those with particularly thick or curly hair because they would really get the full benefits from it. With very little to complain about, there's no reason why this shouldn't be your straightener of choice when purchasing one.